Quail Hunts

Quail Hunts

Bobwhite Quail Hunting Plantation“A Southern Tradition” from Dec. 1 through March 15

Guided Quail Hunts At Bostick Plantation

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Bostick Plantation has spent the last ten years working with wildlife experts to enhance habitat and manage the ever growing population of quail. Unlike many preserves, Bostick Plantation offers you the opportunity to hunt both wild and pen-raised birds.

Quail Hunting at Bostick Plantation in South CarolinaAnd, for many who have never experienced a wild covey rise, it is an experience not soon forgotten. Unlike other licensed preserves who specialize in only pen-raised quail, at the Bostick we have extended our program, ever mindful of the tradition of wild birds. Our participation with wildlife experts has led to the development of quail raised for fast-flying, hard-shooting enjoyment. We stock birds before the season and often during the season to maintain a large covey rise. Our Quail fields are planted and prepared for hunting only Quail. It is not uncommon to flush a truly wild covey from 200 year-old stock, followed by a covey of our own special breed of birds.

Naturally, our attention to careful habitat maintenance, good cover, and seed crops insures your successful hunt at Bostick. We have discovered that the best experience come from a mixture of a casual ride through our rolling countryside and careful walk-ups on coveys. For that reason we have developed our own specially equipped jeeps with high rear seats, padded gun racks, and dog boxes. You get a panoramic view of the countryside and the dogs work from a special vantage point. Our kennels are stocked with dogs that will adjust to almost any style of hunting, whether you choose to walk or spend more time riding. Since many of you share pride in training and working your own fine hunting dog, we welcome them at Bostick Plantation. Just give us a call in advance and we’ll arrange for their full participation.

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