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Trophy Boar Hunting

Trophy Boar Hunting

Wild Russian Boar Hunting at Bostick Plantation

Wild Boar Hunting at Bostick Plantation

For 200 years, hogs were brought to South Carolina by early settlers and eventually escaped adding to the wild population. In the 1930′s Russian Boar were introduced in to the wild of South Carolina so today, most hogs have a Russian Boar influence. Today it is estimated that South Carolina has well over 100,000 hogs running wild.

Hogs will produce on average 2 litters per year. Come hunt with us and see Big Mean Wild hogs on your exciting hunting adventure.

Hog hunting can be one of the toughest tests of a hunter’s skill when tackled on a one-on-one basis. At Bostick, our population of boar in the wild led us to offer one of the most unique, challenging, and rewarding hunting methods. With 2,000 acres to choose from, our guides will help you choose a likely area and assist you locating game. Many of our largest boar have been taken while on a deer stand.

The minimum stay for boar hunting is two days. Lodging and transportation to the stand area is provided. These hunts allow you more independence and don’t be afraid to ask for special tailoring in setting up a hunt to suit your particular needs. Each hunter may harvest 2 boars per day, one in the AM and one in the PM. An extra kill is $200. All hunters are allowed to harvest foxes, bobcats and coyotes at no extra charge, while in season.

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Main Lodge Boar Hunt from Stands:

  • August 15 – January 1
  • $295.00** Per Day
  • Lodging Only…No Meals -
  • January 1 – April 30
  • $695.00** for 3 Day Hunt!
  • $250.00** Per Day
  • Lodging Only…No Meals -
  • May – Aug 10th
  • $595.00** for 3 Day Hunt!!!
  • Lodging Only…No Meals -

Executive Lodge Boar Hunt from Stands:

  • Hunt Hogs year Round
  • $950.00** for 3 Day Hunt!!!
  • 1 or 2 Day Hunt – $350.00** Per Day
  • Lodging and Meals Included
  • Hunting License Is Required And Is Additional
  • Skinning And Quartering Is Available For $45.00**
  • Caping of your Trophy Available
  • Taxidermy Service Available

Additional Kills $450.00**

** Cash Price