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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting at Bostick Plantation

Hunt Whitetail Deer In Velvet!
1 Whitetail Deer AND 1 Wild Boar Each Day.
The Longest Deer Hunting Season In North America!
Our Rifle Season Is August 15th Through January 1st.

All game is truly wild at Bostick Plantation. There are no fences restricting the movement of animals on our land. Official state surveys demonstrate the buck to doe ratio to be about one buck for every 1.8 does. With our guests’ cooperation, our highly successful trophy buck program protects young bucks, the four to six pointers, to ensure the visiting sportsman a chance to shoot a true trophy white tail deer.

deer hunting in south carolina for trophy whitetail deer in velvet carolina deer hunting for trophy deer in south carolinaBostick Plantation’s management techniques are state-of-the-art. Hundreds of acres planted in game food plots. Guarantee plenty of available food for game. In areas not under general farming, we plant peas and rye. The more food available, the greater accumulation of deer.

We have approximatly 300 Deer stands that have been placed at proven high performance locations. Spots where those big 8 to 12 point trophies are likely to frequent. Bostick Plantation stands have been constructed with hunter comfort, safety, and concealment in mind. Our stands are made of steel or wood frame, either free standing or leaners. All sides are covered with camouflage and there is a seat in the middle for your favorite cushion.

We strongly recommend the minimum of a three day hunt for a better chance to bag a trophy buck. However, we can gladly accommodate longer or shorter hunts.

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Bostick Plantation Deer Hunting Rules

  • You can only shoot a buck with an antler spread of 16 inches or more. Please do not come here to shoot immature bucks. It is not allowed.
  • You can harvest one buck, one doe and one boar per morning hunt and you can harvest one buck, one doe and one boar per afternoon hunt.
  • All guns must be unloaded unless you are in your stand.
  • Safety belts must be worn at all times while you are in your stand.
  • If you shoot an “illegal” deer, the fine is $500.00.
  • All hunters are required to have a valid South Carolina hunting license. Anyone born after 1979 must have a valid Hunter Safety Course ID to be issued a South Carolina hunting license. You may obtain your SC Hunting License by going online to Just follow the simple directions and print your license from your computer or you may call 1-866-714-3611 and purchase the license over the telephone.

    Please note that the 3-day license is valid for 3 calendar days, not a 72 hour period. And, the 10-day license is valid for 10 calendar days, not a 24 hour period. Therefore, if you will be hunting on more than 3 consecutive days, you must have a 10-day hunting license. And, if you will be hunting on more than 10 consecutive days, you must have the annual hunting license. The annual hunting license is the ideal choice for our guests who plan to hunt with us on more than one occasion between July 1 and June 31.

    The prices of non-resident hunting licenses are as follows:

    • Deer, Turkey and Boar 3-day License – $140.00
    • 10-day License – $175.00
    • Annual License – $225.00
    • Boar Only3-day License – $40.00
    • 10-day License – $75.00
    • Annual License – $100.00

    ** Cash Price